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Pokemon Points!

I’ve talked about classroom management and how important it is to keep kids interested in what’s going on. Over the past few Saturdays, my grade 6 class has been helping me develop a points system based on Pokemon battling! Two fellow teachers helped me work out the mathematics last week and I spent a few days this week making up the card template and a few samples. I’m finally ready to share this with everyone!

Let me start by showing you the template and samples:

Pokemon Points


Students are divided into teams. Each team gets to choose one basic pokemon from a bag (bag should contain 1-2 of each type).

Levels: One student from each team rolls a die to determine what the base Pokemon’s 1rst stage evolution level will be:

1 = 26       2 = 28       3 = 30       4 = 32       5 = 34       6 = 36

2nd and 3rd stage evolutions double from original. Example: A student rolls 2. Pichu evolves into Pikachu at 28 exp points, and into Raichu at 56 exp points.

Hit Points: A student from each team then rolls for HP.

1 = 40       2 = 45       3 = 50       4 = 55       5 = 60       6 = 65

On the board:

Pokemon (HP)  (EVS1) (EVS2) (EVS3 if applicable)  EXP:


Pichu (55HP)    (Stage 1 Pikachu=28)        (Stage 2 Raichu=56)  EXP:


Everything a team does in class earns attack points, same as a normal points system. Winning games, doing homework, great answers, helping others, finishing work first etc. These points go towards attacks. Every pokemon has the same attack stats, for simplicity’s sake:





Attack Points










Quick Attack




Attack names change based on the Pokemon but the stats stay the same, even through evolutions.

Damage – is how many points you take away from your opponents pokemon HP.

Cost – how many points you need to have to use this attack AND how many points you lose.

EXP – how many pnts you get toward evolution.

Ss can keep track of their own points (in large classes). Teachers only need to keep track of HP and EXP on the board.

Stengths and weaknesses: All Pokemon are 1 type only. If a pokemon is Strong against its opponent they flip a coin. Heads – normal damage plus 10. Tails – normal damage. If they are Weak against an opponent, they flip a coin again. Heads = half damage. Tails = normal damage.

Download samples and the template!

pokemon card template



pichu pikachu raichu stats page

Have fun with this! And please, if you have any ideas on how to improve or modify the game, please let me know!

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