Welcome to the wonderful world of  teaching in China! I’ve been here for almost 9 incredible years and I am still just scratching the surface of what it means to be a part of the community and to be a part of shaping the lives of my students!

What do I mean? Well, I have a very passionate belief in animal welfare which I am passing on to my students – they adore hearing about my fosters and what’s new with the SCAA. As a foreign teacher, these kids will look up to you and treat you like a rock star – you’ll be signing autographs every time you leave a school!

They’ll want to know your favorite movies, and which rock star you like to listen to. What do you think about Lady Gaga and do you like Michael Jackson music? They’ll question you relentlessly and take your words as gospel truth.

So have fun while you’re here – and treat your job seriously. These kids certainly do.



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