Links You can’t Live Without!

If you’re living in Shanghai, take advantage of some of the awesome services that are available to you! So far, I’m only posting the ones I’ve used personally and can vouch for.

Guanxi – this incredible service will save your life! Simply type in the name of where you want to go (or as close as you can remember) and send a text message to 95882929. Within 5 seconds, you will get a reply listing options and partial addresses. Send a return text with the option you want (2, for example) and within 5 seconds again, you’ll be given the full name, address, phone number and major crossroads. Send a ‘C’ for Chinese and you’ll get the same message in Mandarin – perfect for showing taxi drivers! It used to be 1 quai per text, not sure of the fee now.

Shanghai Call Center – a new, free alternative guanxi. Dial 962288 to speak to an English-speaking operator who can answer ANY question (not just addresses) and they save your name/number so they know who they’re dealing with next time. ^^

McDonalds Ordering Service – 24/7 delivery of your favorite comfort food! Granted I’ve only used this service once since I now live outside their delivery area, but you might find it useful. ^^ Call 4008-517-517 from your mobile, press 2 for English and set up your address with them (they save it for next time). Then place your order! Delivery is 7rmb.

Shanghai City Shop – I use this a LOT. There are no city shops (import grocery stores) within a half hour taxi ride of my place. It costs 30-35rmb to get to one and 35ish to get back – why do that when i can get free delivery (for orders over 200rmb).

Sherpa`s – for quick delivery from over 100 restaurants and dozens of varieties. Delivery fees vary for different locations – type in your address and the auto-delivery fee calculator will tell you how much.

More to come soon!


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